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A Little Introduction

Dear Friend,

Please let me take this opportunity to welcome you to Lakes&Rivers Flower Farm.

I am John Gibbons, and I am the founder of our business. I use the word “our” rather than “my” as we are a family and this is of great importance to me. I want to introduce myself, share a little of my story, and my dream which came true when Lakes&Rivers Flower Farm was born.

My passion and desire are to locally grow and farm seasonal, unique, freshly cut flowers. I want to bring the best, organically grown cut flowers to the people of Liverpool and beyond. All my life I’ve had a love for flowers and the power they have, to bring sheer joy and happiness to anyone’s life.

From their visual beauty to their sweet scenting smells to the smile they bring to you and the warm, happy feeling when they are around the home. I dream of delivering these to you through flowers grown at Lakes&Rivers.

Lakes&Rivers Flower Farm

Some of my earliest memories of growing and cultivating are from a young age. I can remember my mum having a Tupperware party at our home and buying lots of it. A week, or so later all the new Tupperware was in the garden with soil and seeds ready to be used as plant pots. I would grow and cultivate anything that could grow, “that never went down too well with mother”! I would also make hanging baskets for our house and the extended family.

Within the comfort of the family home, I was always a passionate grower, but out of the house, I always hid this secret passion and love for growing from most people.

After completing the fantastic Floret 2018/19 workshop, and having built a life long knowledge of growing and cultivating flowers and foliage, I’ve allowed the inner grower to come out in me.

I hope you join Lakes&Rivers flower farm and myself on this new and exciting journey to bring all that beautiful flowers can bring.

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