Mother’s Day Flower Workshop

Are you looking for something different to do for your mum or ‘like a mum’ person this Mother’s Day? Lakes & Rivers Flower Farm will be on hand to help with Mother’s Day ideas, including our fun and creative Mother’s Day flower workshop in Liverpool. 

Here we take a look at how we can help you treat that extra special lady in your life. 

Mother’s Day Gifts from Lakes & Rivers Flower Farm

Ok, so we’re a little bit biased, but flowers are a great way to make your mum feel special on Mother’s Day. At Lakes & Rivers, we can help you out with:

A Bouquet of Fresh Flowers 

A traditional bunch of blooms never fails to bring a smile to her face. Fresh spring florals are happy and bright and will looking wonderful displayed in a living room or as a dining table centrepiece. Design your arrangement at our workshop and you’ll have a gorgeous gift to give your mum on Mothering Sunday. 

A Mother’s Day Flower Arranging Class 

If you asked your mum what she really wants for Mother’s Day, then she’d probably say ‘spending time with my family’. Why not try a flower arranging class together? It’s a fun way to spend time with your mum as well as the chance to pick up a new skill. Join us on 21st March 2020 for a special Mother’s Day treat. 

What Goes on at a Lakes & Rivers Mother’s Day Flower Workshop?

Set in the newly refurbished Hale Village Hall, you and your mum will be greeted with a glass of prosecco and warm welcome. Take a seat in our cosy dining area and unwind before indulging in a delicious afternoon tea. Piled high with fresh sandwiches and tasty cakes, you’ll be able to have a natter and a good catch up over unlimited cups of tea (or a second glass of prosecco if you prefer).

Once the cakes have ‘disappeared’, you’ll be invited to enter the workshop room. At a bench of your own, you and your mum will have access to a beautiful selection of fresh flowers specially chosen from our flower farm. You’ll also find all the tools and equipment you need to make a floral arrangement of your very own, as well as a gift bag filled with little surprises.

You’ll then get a chance to watch our expert florist demonstration, picking up hints and tips to make the most of your flower bowl. Then it’s time to get creative, trimming and placing your blooms in a stunning unique bowl for you take home and show off your skills. And if you need further evidence of your talents, our photographer will be around to take professional pictures of your finished flower arrangement too. 

Mother's Day Flower Workshop

And if you need further evidence of your talents, our photographer will be around to take professional pictures of your finished flower arrangement too. 

A Flower Farm in Liverpool

Join us for our Mother’s Day afternoon filled with fun and laughter and the first of our spring blooms. We’ll take you on a journey of floral design using homegrown tulips, ranunculus, and anemones carefully picked from Lakes & Rivers Flower Farm. 

Give your arrangement as a gift or buy tickets for the event as an early Mother’s Day surprise. Available to purchase online Mother’s Day Flower Bowl Workshop tickets cost £55 each and the event starts at 12pm until 4pm. You’ll need to book tickets in advance as limited seats are available, and we will not be selling tickets at the door on the day. 

Our First Flower Workshop

Budding Florists have a Blooming Good Time at our First Ever Flower Arranging Workshop 

The rain did little to dampen spirits as guests arrived at Hale Village Hall to attend the first ever Flower Workshop hosted by Lakes&Rivers Flower Farm on one drizzly late-September afternoon.

The quality and attention to detail that underpinned the entire day was immediately evident on arrival. Greeted with a glass of prosecco and chocolate-dipped strawberries, guests were left to admire the entrance hall, decorated beautifully with stunning bright posies and small autumnal arrangements, whilst chatting to other workshop members. 

From the décor to making sure each person was looked after, it was abundantly clear from the offset that the Lake&Rivers team take enormous pride in both their work and the customer service they deliver. 

“The Lake&Rivers team are dedicated to bringing organic fresh flowers to the North West, but through their workshops they bring that little something extra.”

Time for Tea

After shaking off their umbrellas and enjoying their strawberries, guests sat down to an indulgent afternoon tea. Each plate was piled high with delicious cream cakes, tasty mini desserts, and freshly made scones and sandwiches, all washed down with dainty china cups of tea (or another glass of prosecco).  

Each table was filled with groups of friends looking for something different to do or individuals looking to try out new skills. And, from first-time florists to amateur arrangers, the workshop attendees were made up of all levels of experience, and all levels of confidence. But, the one thing everyone had in common was looking forward to what the afternoon would hold for them, as they prepared to enter the main hall for the rest of the workshop event.

Flower Power

The guests were met with the notable fragrance of autumnal blooms and foliage, as they stepped into the, once again elaborately decorated, workshop hall and found a space at one of the workbenches. Each workbench featured goodie bags filled with sweet treats alongside artisanal ceramic vases by My Home Rocks, as well as all the equipment they’d need to start. 

Flower farm founder John Gibbons took to the microphone to introduce the start of the session. John helped the workshop-goers orientate themselves to the selection of wonderfully colourful homegrown flowers and greenery before them, identifying Zinnias, Dahlias, Eucalyptus, and many more, all supplied by Lakes&Rivers and Irish Green Guys. 

flower workshop

Each plate was piled high with delicious cream cakes, tasty mini desserts, and freshly made scones and sandwiches, all washed down with dainty china cups of tea (or another glass of prosecco).

Here’s One We Made Earlier

The flower arranging demonstration was carried out by experienced florist Anna from Mary Mary Floral Design in Liverpool. As well as showing off her creative flair for contemporary floral design, she also shared her expert knowledge, answering questions as she snipped stems, and giving out top tips for structuring arrangements and ways to prolong the lifespan of freshly cut flowers.

Once the demonstration was done, the group all got busy trimming and positioning their own flowers in the neutral-tone vase provided. From the chatter and laughter in the room, everyone approached the task with enthusiasm and joy. And, based on the professional photographs taken of each finished arrangement, they were all a tremendous success. 

The Lake&Rivers team are dedicated to bringing organic fresh flowers to the North West, but through their workshops they bring that little something extra. Their passion for delivering high quality flowers was transferred into a truly unique experience with added fun, beauty, and creativity, helping to brighten up an otherwise dull day. 

Lakes&Rivers will be hosting further workshops throughout the year. Follow @lakesandriversflowerfarm on Instagram or visit our events page to find out more and book your space.

Where All Started

Have you ever thought about what your purpose is in life? I have, and I have always found myself searching for something to be passionate about; that one thing that surely was going to make me want to ‘’jump out of bed” in the morning.

I’ve tried several different professions but never truly felt happy with that career choice or felt that feeling of fulfillment that I was living my purpose.

There’s a quote from Richard Branson where he says, “If you can’t figure out your purpose, figure out your passion. For your passion will lead you right into your purpose”.

Well, if I’m honest, I have always loved being in the garden and the outdoors but never thought I’d be able to find something that would allow me to incorporate that into a career. Until, one day, I found an online course called “Floret online flower farming course.” I was hesitant to start but jumped in with two feet, and guess what, I absolutely ADORED it! Here, I had found something that would allow me to live the lifestyle of being outdoors doing something that I loved!

I got my first allotment and grew one season of flowers, giving them to family and friends as gifts. 

” I had found something that would allow me to live the lifestyle of being outdoors doing something that I loved”

Could this be the start of something new? Could I have found my purpose in life? Was it to be a flower farmer? If it was, I was going to need more land to grow more flowers, and the allotment just wasn’t big enough.

I spoke to a few friends about what I was thinking about, and one of my friends put a post on the Hale Village Facebook group asking if anyone knew of any land going spare that I could use. It was a success! The owner of Pond House in Hale Village contacted me and said he had a glass house and some land that I could use to grow my flowers.

I made an appointment to speak to him and to see the land. It was the beginning of Lakes & Rivers! From that day forward I could see my dream of becoming a flower farmer starting to become a reality. Once I had secured the land, the planning began!

There was much work involved to get the ground ready for the start of the season, but when you have the passion that I have, it doesn’t seem like work!  

If you feel lost, disappointed, hesitant, or weak, return to yourself, to who you are, here and now and when you get there, you will discover yourself, like a lotus flower in full bloom, even in a muddy pond, beautiful and strong.

The glass house needed clearing out, and the germination tent required setting up. New soil to be laid, needed to plan when to plant the seeds, taking in consideration all different types of flowers, the list was endless!

However, at the beginning of January 2019, the first tulips were planted! We are now in our first season, and I can’t tell you how excited and passionate I am to bring quality cut flowers to florists and the people of Liverpool. Supporting local farming and working with local businesses has been brilliant and has made me feel like I am contributing to the local environment.

Once I understood that this is my purpose in life gives me such a massive sense of fulfillment, and to be so passionate about giving back to the local community fills me with such pride!

I am excited for you all to join us at Lakes & Rivers and to be a part of our new journey. 

We have a lot of new and exciting things planned for this year, so please follow us through our website and social media accounts. 

All details of where to find our flowers will all be coming soon.

A Little Introduction

Dear Friend,

Please let me take this opportunity to welcome you to Lakes&Rivers Flower Farm.

I am John Gibbons, and I am the founder of our business. I use the word “our” rather than “my” as we are a family and this is of great importance to me. I want to introduce myself, share a little of my story, and my dream which came true when Lakes&Rivers Flower Farm was born.

My passion and desire are to locally grow and farm seasonal, unique, freshly cut flowers. I want to bring the best, organically grown cut flowers to the people of Liverpool and beyond. All my life I’ve had a love for flowers and the power they have, to bring sheer joy and happiness to anyone’s life.

From their visual beauty to their sweet scenting smells to the smile they bring to you and the warm, happy feeling when they are around the home. I dream of delivering these to you through flowers grown at Lakes&Rivers.

Lakes&Rivers Flower Farm

Some of my earliest memories of growing and cultivating are from a young age. I can remember my mum having a Tupperware party at our home and buying lots of it. A week, or so later all the new Tupperware was in the garden with soil and seeds ready to be used as plant pots. I would grow and cultivate anything that could grow, “that never went down too well with mother”! I would also make hanging baskets for our house and the extended family.

Within the comfort of the family home, I was always a passionate grower, but out of the house, I always hid this secret passion and love for growing from most people.

After completing the fantastic Floret 2018/19 workshop, and having built a life long knowledge of growing and cultivating flowers and foliage, I’ve allowed the inner grower to come out in me.

I hope you join Lakes&Rivers flower farm and myself on this new and exciting journey to bring all that beautiful flowers can bring.